Portis Cemeteries

Patrick Co, VA

This deeded cemetery is located on a farm originally owned by Allen Portis (1795 – abt 1880) and his son James Portis (1834 – aft 1900). It is believed that Allen, James and his wife Julia (1842 – aft 1900) are buried there in unmarked graves (only a stone). Allen’s wife is buried in Surry Co, NC. Allen and James moved from Surry, NC to Patrick, VA before the 1850 census.

Surry Co, NC

This abandoned cemetery is located in a group of trees on private land. It was surveyed by John Edwards on February 7, 2007 and about 5 graves could be identified. The only legible headstone was, “Anna Reed Portis (b. 1 Sep 1792 – d. 3 Jun 1848). Wife of Allen Portis, m. 30 Aug 1822 in Surry”

Wilcox Co, AL

Located in Lower Peachtree, this appears to be a family cemetery established by Solomon Wilder Portis (1809 – 1872). The earliest graves are some of his children who died as infants.

Clarke Co, AL

Located in Suggsville, this is the family cemetery of John Wesley (1818-1902) and Rebecca Rivers Portis (1819-1880).